Community honors Myron Lady

Myron Lady

Myron Lady

Thirty-six years of service is a record to be honored, and the Talmage community showed their appreciation to Myron Lady, a retired Talmage teacher, on Saturday, September 20, from 2-4 p.m., at the Talmage Museum and Library.

A 1947 Chapman High School graduate, Lady began his teaching career in 1953 with a job at Chronister School, followed by two years at Navarre.

He began teaching at Talmage Grade School in 1956 and remained there until his retirement in 1990.

Some of his first students were JoAnn Bathurst, Sondra France, Nancy Hoover, Muriel Noel, Ardis Winslow, Roy Book, Earl Frey, Gene Meeker, Bob Schaich, Dwight Zook and Lyle Zook.

“Mr. Lady prepared us well for high school and was very patient and softspoken,” said JoAnne Bathurst Stoskopf, who enjoyed eighth grade under his instruction.

Debra Romberger agrees that Lady was a wonderful teacher and recognizes that what continues to make him extra special is his impact beyond the classroom.

“The way in which he always inquires about what and how I am doing any time he sees me continues to show how much he cares about his students and their life long development.

Lady believes that two of the joys of teaching are “watching how the students develop into their adult years and the memories associated with them. Some have become distinguished in outstanding professions and some of the students we considered average worked hard and accomplished great success.”

He remembers that even those students who were full of antics enjoyed solid citizenship and success in their jobs.

“When I visit with students, they remember things which I have forgotten,” Lady said. “In recalling their antics, we laugh about it now and I admit that maybe I could have lightened up a little.”

Myron LadyLady’s respect and commitment to his students also extended to the community.

“I am grateful for his commitment to this community,” Romberger said. “He always sought ways to help others with their challenges, not only in his teaching career, but in the community, before and after he retired.”

Many a community member has stories to tell about the time Lady helped with harvest after the loss of a loved one, gave rides to events, and helped in many other times of need.

Everyone is welcome to come and honor Myron Lady, a former Talmage teacher, who often remarks that he respects and values each of his students and appreciates any contact with them.

Many in the Talmage community attended the reception to honor and thank a man who has served the youth and adults of our community for 36 years.

Lady, a 1947 Chapman High School and Upland College graduate, also has a degree from K-State and a masters from Emporia State.